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7 Fun Ideas for a Mommy and Daughter Day Out

Posted on 07-16-2014 | Kids 'R' Kids of Keller

It’s crucial for parents to maintain good communication with their children. One of the best ways to develop a close relationship with open communication is through talking to each other in a non-threatening environment. When you start communicating early, talking becomes natural and easier as the child matures. A Mommy and Daughter Day Out is a great way for a mother to enjoy her daughter while creating a habit of spending time together and encouraging open communication.

Mommy and Daughter Day Out should be fun for mother and daughter. Plan your day based on what your child enjoys. It may be as simple as going for a bike ride, to the play ground, or enjoying an ice cream cone. Whatever you decide, make sure there is an opportunity for communication and personal interaction. Talk on her level and about her interests. Ask questions that encourage her to think about her feelings and preferences. For example, “Tell me your favorite part of that movie. Why do you like that part?” Remember to laugh, play, and have fun.

One goal of the date is to spend quality time with your daughter. An additional goal is to intentionally build a relationship that is close enough for your daughter to feel comfortable sharing her heart with you as she gets older and experiences more complicated issues. Start now discussing her thoughts about toys, nap time, and any other interests that she may have. Let your mommy and daughter day outpave the way to a great relationship, now and in the future for you and your daughter.

Here are a few ideas for activities to enjoy on your Mommy and Daughter Day Out. Make sure the activity is age-appropriate for your child.

  1. Get a manicure
  2. Have a tea party at home
  3. Go to the botanical gardens
  4. Go to a family play in the park and then walk around, play, or jog together
  5. Take an art class together
  6. Go for a walk
  7. Go to a movie and then ice cream to discuss the movie

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For additional help communicating with your child, here is an article, Communicating Effectively With Your Child, that may be useful.

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