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Four Tips for Helping Your New Preschooler

Posted on 01-10-2017

A new year and a new preschool can be a lot for your little one to handle! Here are 4 tips to make that transition a little bit easier on everyone.

1. Talk about it a lot ahead of time.

Talk about what it’s going to be like, the types of things they’ll be doing every day, just so they’ll become comfortable talking about the changes that are going to happen. You want them to be emotionally and mentally prepared—as few surprises as possible. Ask them what they’re most excited about, and what they’re most scared about. Talk about all of it and you can get a better idea of where your preschooler is struggling and where they’re feeling confident.

2. Involve them in the process of preparation.

Ask their thoughts on lunches, and clothes, and all the accessories you’re going to buy. Backpacks and lunch boxes are fun things to let them pick out and show off to their new friends.

3. Stick to a routine.

Once the school year starts, stick to a routine in the mornings so your child will feel stable and able to grow comfortable with the changes that are happening.

4. Be patient.

Most importantly, be patient as they are going through this transition. It can be difficult for a little one to change schools and make new friends and become comfortable with new teachers. Always remind them that you’re there for them and that you’re walking right alongside them as they start this new journey. Patiently hear out their fears and excitements at the end of each day, and be intentional about giving them the love they need after a long day at school.

Your little one is going through big changes and it is normal for them to need some time to adjust. Be there for them when harder days come along, and be excited for them when they have a good day. Before long, this will be their new normal!

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