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Fun Activities in the Rain with Preschoolers

Posted on 04-04-2017

Playing in the rain can be a lot of fun if you prepare properly and aren’t afraid to get a little wet. Check out these rainy day ideas and try them with your preschool child the next time the rain clouds roll over you.

Make rainy day art.

All you need for rainy day art is washable markers and watercolor paper! Draw abstract patterns, and then set them out in the rain to let nature do the rest of the work. The paper will absorb the water and create watercolor effects that will make your little artist look like a pro!

Make mud pies and sand castles.

The sandbox and dirt will all turn to mud, so there will be perfect conditions to make mud pies. Go on a nature walk to find little flowers and rocks to decorate your lovely pies. You can also pull out the sand castle molds and use the wet sand to make sand castles. You can make the whole sandbox into a sand kingdom with a little imagination and creativity.

Start water balloon fights with your preschool children.

Water fights when it’s raining? Why not! A little more water isn’t going to make a difference, and it can be a lot of fun to run through the water sprinklers or host a mini water war with water balloons. You may want to stay in a central location with the water balloons since you’ll have to pick up all the balloons pieces once the sun shines again.

Jump through and around puddles.

Pull out your rubber boots and splash through all the puddles. Don’t even worry about getting wet and dirty—that’s what makes it so fun! While on your nature walk, count the number of puddles that you jump through. This incorporates learning and fun!

When your day in the rain is over, leave your rain gear on the porch to dry and to avoid getting the house messy. Then dry off, change clothes, and show off your rain art!

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