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How to Manage Children with Differing Personalities

Posted on 08-19-2015 | Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Keller

The first time a couple brings home a baby can be a thrilling and terrifying experience. In a matter of days and weeks the new parents learn the mannerisms of their child and are making progress at meeting the needs of their baby through food, rest, and quality time together. But what happens when you introduce another personality into the picture?

Many parents are amazed at just how different their children are from each other. As a family grows and more personalities enter the picture, it can be a challenge to moderate and maintain a sense of normalcy in the home. Each child brings with him/her a unique personality, a unique set of gifts and a unique set of challenges. Baby #1 may have slept like a rock but baby #2 had no respect for night and day routines. Baby #1 is the pickiest eater you’ve ever encountered while you have to keep baby #2 off the messy carpet so he doesn’t eat all the dust bunnies! Many parents find the challenge of managing these personalities to be very exhausting.

Here are some helpful tips for the parents who want to make the most of the different personalities around them:

1. Encourage The Differences Openly – When you notice a certain personality trait or gift in one of your children, point it out and encourage the strengths. Some personality traits can be frustrating such as stubbornness that leads to disobedience. Be clear that you love your child but will not tolerate disrespect or bullying.

2. Resist Comparing Siblings to Each Other – Children are always observing and listening to what their parents are saying. Well-meaning parents should be careful when discussing their children with other adults while the children are present. It’s important to have a good support team of friends and family as you raise your children, but be sensitive to what your child’s ear is hearing. This same guideline applies for comparing your child to someone else’s child or to the other children in her preschool classroom.

3. Celebrate as They Grow – You will likely notice that your child’s personality is more clearly expressed as she grows older. From infancy to toddlerhood to the first day of preschool, she will begin to exhibit her own personality and independence. When you notice your child has achieved a new skill or milestone, celebrate it! It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, but showing your child that you are proud of who she is becoming will set her up for a lifetime of success.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Keller we love all of our students and enjoy celebrating their differences. From the littlest learners in our Infant Care Program, to the children in our Before/After School Program – we’re always amazed at how clever and curious they are! Contact us today for a tour of our school and discover for yourself all the ways we are so much more than an average daycare or childcare in Keller, TX!

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