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How to Raise a Sensitive Child

Posted on 12-02-2016

Some preschoolers are quieter than others, and that’s okay. Not every child is going to be the most charismatic, talkative kid alive. (Thank heavens!) However, it’s easy to think that these children are . . . well, different. Yet there is absolutely nothing wrong with children who are more introverted.

Shyness and sensitivity are still viewed as positive traits in countries like Japan and Sweden where citizens are not as success-driven as Americans. Interestingly enough, employers are now valuing Emotional Quotient over Intelligence Quotient. Why? Because employees respond better to understanding and empathetic managers and are more willing to work harder for people that value employees and their well-being over profit and fame. It’s a win-win situation.

Sensitive children demand more patience, too, since they are often less willing to offer their opinions or their demands. They reflect within themselves more than they do with others, and this worries some parents. However, if you’re simply a little more patient, the quiet child will open up in his or her own time.

It’s also important to realize how deeply affected sensitive children are by their world. They often like a quieter environment so they can process information better. If a sensitive child is in a stressful or loud environment, it will likely have more of an effect on her than if it were a louder, more extroverted child.

Keep these simple tips in hand when you notice your child scooting off near the edge of the playground. They simply need the space to process!

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