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Making it a Great First Week Back!

Posted on 08-25-2014 | Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Keller


It’s the First Week of School! New bus routes, homerooms, and teachers are swimming in the minds of the students as they file into school and prepare themselves for another year of learning. For many children, the first week of school is happily anticipated as they think of all the new faces they’ll meet and memories they’ll make. However, many children who are naturally shy or introverted find the start of a school year to be particularly daunting. Here are some practical ways you can prepare your anxious child for all of the newness he’ll encounter in the first few days of another school year.

  1. Plan A Fun After-School Outing - Give your child something to look forward to as they brave their first day of school. Take them to their favorite restaurant for dinner or out for ice cream after school. Make the outing something that will give your child a chance to talk with you about his day.
  2. Meet Their Teachers - If you are able to spend a few minutes meeting your child’s teacher on the first day it will help him feel like you can relate to his world when he mentions his teacher or classmates. Ask him specific questions about his teacher and classmates to get a good understanding of what a typical school day looks like for him and to encourage him to make new friends.
  3. Make a Memento - If you enjoy doing crafts, try making a picture frame magnet for their locker or a bookmark for their school books as a nice way of reminding them about people who love and support them. In moments when your child is nervous, it is reassuring to have a tangible reminder of loving friends and family.
  4. Follow up after Week One - For many children, after the first week the anxiety significantly decreases. If you notice that your child is still very reluctant to go to school after the first week, he could be having difficulty adjusting and it may be wise to consult his teacher and see how he can better acclimate.

It is completely normal for children to be nervous during the first week of school, especially on the first day! Be careful not to make your child feel foolish for being nervous. On the morning of the first day, be supportive and excited for them and when you pick them up or see them after work ask a lot of questions about their experience. Your enthusiasm and involvement helps give them courage to tackle this new adventure!

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Keller we hope to help calm your little one’s fears about going back to school or preschool. Please contact us if you have any questions or if we can help in any way!

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