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Making the Super Bowl a Family Bowl!

Posted on 01-13-2015 | Kids R Kids Learning Academy of Keller

It’s easy to tell what a society values based on how many people participate in certain events, groups, and fundraisers. When it comes to football, America always has an astonishing number of supporters and fans. According to an article from the International Business Times, over 100 million people watch the Super Bowl every year including more than half of American households!

The 49th annual Super Bowl is bound to bring some hilarious and heartwarming commercials, a five-star halftime performance and plenty of gatherings happening all across America. If you’re planning on hosting a Super Bowl party, don’t forget about the youngsters in your life! Some parts of the Super Bowl may need to be monitored by adults before allowing children to view them (such as certain commercials or segments of the halftime show) but for the most part, children can also have a great time with friends!

Here are some helpful tips to plan your family-friendly Super Bowl bash:

1. Know your crowd – Do you or someone who is attending have a small infant or toddler who will need to nap during the party? Set aside a space for the purpose of naps and let all parents of youngsters know where they can go for some quiet time. How many young children will be attending? If it’s several, try sectioning off a part of the house that’s set up with baby gates and toys to occupy youngsters. Older children may want to play in a bedroom or outside. If children are in a room with a door, be sure to always have the door open so adults can monitor the activity.

2. Know your roles – If you have your children are old enough to help setup or facilitate the party, have a family team meeting before the event to determine who will be in charge of certain tasks. This will help avoid any complaining or whining from your children on the night of the event if they know what they’re responsible for prior to the party. The children will probably have an opinion on what snacks to serve too! It’s a fun chance to have your family work as a team and celebrate the great successful party together after it’s over.

3. Know your boundaries – Guests are often most comfortable in an environment where there are clear expectations set by the host. When you send an invitation to your party be sure to mention if guests are able to bring additional people with them, how long the party will last, and if guests are expected to bring anything. Starting a party with everyone on the same page helps to avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety during the party.

At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy of Keller we are passionate about family involvement in the shaping of each little learner’s life. We love hearing from parents about how we might improve and excel our programs for all ages. Contact us to learn about all we have to offer your family!

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