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The Reasons Why Your Keller Preschooler Pushes the Limits

Posted on 01-26-2015


Limit-pushing behavior is not uncommon in preschoolers, however, it can often leave parents stressed and bewildered. Why would your child throw his or her food at you and follow it up with a giggle? This piece will take a closer look at why your preschooler may be starting to push the limits in terms of behavior.

Preschoolers deal with feelings and impulses differently than adults

Parents need to understand that preschoolers tend to act on impulse. Stormy emotions and a slightly underdeveloped prefrontal cortex mean that most preschoolers are overcome with, and act on, emotions and impulses more powerful than they can handle. Most adults have the mental capacity to suppress these feelings and impulses whereas preschoolers simply do not. The next time your child lashes out, remain calm, and try to get to the crux of the situation.

Ensure that your child is getting enough attention

Limit-pushing behavior is often born out of a lack of attention. We need to remember that preschoolers need love and attention at home in order to feel like they belong. While hugs and kisses are good, you also need to show understanding, patience, and respect as well as taking a sincere interest in the life of your child.

Do not snap or overreact to this behavior

Always try to understand why your preschooler is displaying these limit-pushing behaviors. Although it may stress you to see your child screaming at you, do not scream back. Make a genuine attempt to understand why your child is so frustrated.

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